Ypres rally network

Cruzado Rosell, Sergio and Martínez Bermúdez, Álvaro (2015). Ypres rally network. Proyecto Fin de Carrera / Trabajo Fin de Grado, E.T.S.I. y Sistemas de Telecomunicación (UPM), Madrid.


Title: Ypres rally network
  • Cruzado Rosell, Sergio
  • Martínez Bermúdez, Álvaro
  • Cools, Kasper
Item Type: Final Project
Date: 5 January 2015
Freetext Keywords: Network, LAN, IEEE 802.3 Standard, Ypres, CISCO, optical fiber, pair-twisted cable, VLAN, Subnetting,
Faculty: E.T.S.I. y Sistemas de Telecomunicación (UPM)
Department: Otro
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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Along of this document the reader could find a suitable network design and solution for the Rally Championship of Ypres meeting all the requirements set by the organization of the rally. These requirements have brought many problems in accordance with the network standards, because the area where the boxes are located is pretty large nevertheless technologies to solve those problems are detailed in the project. It has been included different designs in the project, each one of them based on distinct characteristic as they could be efficient, performance… , and the most important, since the organization of the rally is non-profit , the budget. Nevertheless we didn’t dismiss the use of long-lasting devices, as CISCO devices, despite their price. Furthermore a configuration of routing/switching devices has been explained for those who will be commanded to implement this solution. This solution is design to supply internet access as well as video streaming to all boxes for what teams can follow the championship in live time. The maximum connection of internet service provider (ISP) is 160Mbps, this bandwidth has to be distributed for the boxes dynamically. Finally to ensure the network works out it has to be monitored, this is reachable by using network analysis tools which in this project Wireshark has been chosen. RESUMEN. A lo largo de este documento, el lector encontrara un posible diseño y una posible solución para la red local del circuito de Rally celebrado en Ypres, cumpliendo con todos los requisitos y especificaciones establecidos por la organización. Estos requisitos han causado problemas de conformidad con los estándares de la red, debido a que la zona donde se encuentran los Boxes de los equipos es bastante larga, sin embargo las tecnologías para resolver esos problemas se detallan en este proyecto. Se han incluido diferentes diseños, cada uno de ellos centrado en aspectos diferentes así como la eficacia, el rendimiento, el presupuesto, etc... Esta solución está diseñada para suministrar acceso a Internet, así como la transmisión dinámica de video a todos los equipos para que puedan seguir la competición en tiempo real. Finalmente para controlar y asegurar que la red funciona, será monitorizada mediante herramientas de análisis de redes (Wireshark).

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