New Fiber-Metal Hybrid Laminated Material, MALECON

Suárez Bermejo, Juan Carlos y Herreros Sierra, Miguel Angel (2008). New Fiber-Metal Hybrid Laminated Material, MALECON. En: "Maritime Systems and Technology, MAST 2008", 12/11/2008-14/11/2008, Cádiz, España.


Título: New Fiber-Metal Hybrid Laminated Material, MALECON
  • Suárez Bermejo, Juan Carlos
  • Herreros Sierra, Miguel Angel
Tipo de Documento: Ponencia en Congreso o Jornada (Artículo)
Título del Evento: Maritime Systems and Technology, MAST 2008
Fechas del Evento: 12/11/2008-14/11/2008
Lugar del Evento: Cádiz, España
Título del Libro: 3rd Annual MAST. Conference Proceedings
Fecha: 2008
Escuela: E.T.S.I. Navales (UPM)
Departamento: Arquitectura y Construcción Navales [hasta 2014]
Licencias Creative Commons: Reconocimiento - Sin obra derivada - No comercial

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For the next generation of ships, the Navy is looking to stealthier hull technologies, specifically those which create lower magnetic, acoustic, hydrodynamic, radar, and thermal signatures This calls for new materials for combatant vessels, capable of satisfying all these design and fabrication requirements for lighter structures that are in turn more resistant, permit higher speeds of movement and lower energy consumption. Steel has a series of limitations that impede continued improvement in the line of constructing light, resistant and safe structures. Composite materials are light and resistant, but the manufacturing processes are more labor-intensive and costly; in addition they are very sensitive to damage from impact and can present problems of degradation of their mechanical properties through water absorption. Fiber-metal hybrid materials combine the high resistance to impact and durability, and the versatile manufacturing of metals with a specific strength and stiffness in the direction of the fiber, as well as good resistance to fatigue, characteristics of the composites. Malecón© is a new hybrid multilayered material formed by layers of metal alternating with others of composite and structural adhesives, with improved in-service performance. We hold a patent on this material and its manufacturing system, and international extensions to more than thirty countries are already in due course.

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