Tautología. Espacios inter-medios, espacios comunes, espacios compartidos

Montoro Coso, Ricardo (2012). Tautología. Espacios inter-medios, espacios comunes, espacios compartidos. En: "Sistemas cooperativos : aula PFC semipresencial Aranguren". Colección de textos académicos CTA-ETSAM (10). Mairea, pp. 33-41. ISBN 978-84-940411-9-8.


Título: Tautología. Espacios inter-medios, espacios comunes, espacios compartidos
  • Montoro Coso, Ricardo
Tipo de Documento: Sección de Libro
Título del Libro: Sistemas cooperativos : aula PFC semipresencial Aranguren
Fecha: Octubre 2012
ISBN: 978-84-940411-9-8
Escuela: E.T.S. Arquitectura (UPM)
Departamento: Proyectos Arquitectónicos [hasta 2014]
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The theoretical framework developed by some members of Team X, and some perimetral figures have been substantial for the development, testing and construction of the in-between spaces. Aldo van Eyck in 1953 published several photographs of his trip to North Africa in an article titled Construction in the oases of the south. In one of them, there is a child at the entrance of a house in Aoulef in an ambiguous place between the interior domestic space and public space of the street. This image will advance its interest in the in-between spaces. It will materialize later in the Burgerweeshuis Orphanage in Amsterdam. The Graduation projects of cooperation are diferent: the vital experience that is live and cooperate for several months in the environment to intervene. Appears a special relationship with the architecture and spatial tools and materials. The programs developed, generating productive and social spaces, working with real social needs and basic in the communities where it operates. The in-between spaces developed in cooperation projects in aula PFC Aranguren are catalysts genomic themselves, that is, its importance lies not only in themselves but in their ability to relate. So these places, as opposed to functional specialization, arising from the hybridization of elements, overlapping programs or forming a tautology of common spaces, shared spaces, in-between spaces.

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