Differential evolution Markov chain filter for global localization

Moreno Lorente, Luis and Martín Monar, Fernando and Muñoz Marín, María Luisa and Garrido, Santiago (2016). Differential evolution Markov chain filter for global localization. "Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems", v. 82 (n. 3-4); pp. 513-536. ISSN 0921-0296. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10846-015-0245-8.


Title: Differential evolution Markov chain filter for global localization
  • Moreno Lorente, Luis
  • Martín Monar, Fernando
  • Muñoz Marín, María Luisa
  • Garrido, Santiago
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems
Date: June 2016
ISSN: 0921-0296
Volume: 82
Freetext Keywords: Differential evolution; Markov chain; Monte Carlo; Optimization method; Global localization; Mobile robots
Faculty: E.T.S. de Ingenieros Informáticos (UPM)
Department: Inteligencia Artificial
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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A key challenge for an autonomous mobile robot is to estimate its location according to the available information. A particular aspect of this task is the global localization problem. In our previous work, we developed an algorithm based on the Differential Evolution method that solves this problem in 2D and 3D environments. The robot?s pose is represented by a set of possible location estimates weighted by a fitness function. The Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms have been successfully applied to multiple fields such as econometrics or computing science. It has been demonstrated that they can be combined with the Differential Evolution method to solve efficiently many optimization problems. In this work, we have combined both approaches to develop a global localization filter. The algorithm performance has been tested in simulated and real maps. The population requirements have been reduced when compared to the previous version.

Funding Projects

Madrid Regional GovernmentS2013/MIT-2748ROBOCITY2030-IIIBalaguer Bernaldo de Quirós, CarlosRobótica aplicada a la mejora de la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos (fase III)

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Item ID: 48837
DC Identifier: http://oa.upm.es/48837/
OAI Identifier: oai:oa.upm.es:48837
DOI: 10.1007/s10846-015-0245-8
Official URL: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10846-015-0245-8
Deposited by: Memoria Investigacion
Deposited on: 29 Jan 2018 15:34
Last Modified: 29 Jan 2018 15:35
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