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Abu Hamed, Tareq and Adamovic, Nadja and Aeberhard, Urs and Alonso Alvarez, Diego and Amin-Akhlaghi, Zoe and Maur, Matthias auf der and Beattie, Neil and Bednar, Nikola and Berland, Kristian and Birner, Stefan and Califano, Marco and Capan, Ivana and Cerne, Bostjan and Chilibon, Irinela and Connolly, James. P. and Cortes Juan, Frederic and Coutinho, Jose and David, Christin and Deppert, Knut and Donchev, Vesselin and Drev, Marija and Ehlen, Boukje and Ekins-Daukes, Nicholas and Even, Jacky and Fara, Laurentiu and Fuertes Marrón, David and Gagliardi, Alessio and Garrido, Blas and Gianneta, Violetta and Gomes, María and Guillemoles, Jean François and Guina, Mircea and Halme, Janne and Hocevar, Mateja and Jacak, Lucjan and Jacak, Witold and Jaksic, Zoran and Joseph, Lejo K. and Kassavetis, Spyridon and Kazukauskas, Vaidotas and Kleider, Jean Paul and Kluczyk, Katarzyna and Kopecek, Radovan and Krasovec, Ursa Opara and Lazzari, Jean-Louis and Lifshitz, Efrat and Loncaric, Martin and Madsen, Soren Peder and Martí Vega, Antonio and Mencaraglia, Denis and Messing, Maria E. and Armando, Felipe Murphy and Nassiopoulou, Androula G. and Neijm, Ahmed and Nemcsics, Akos and Neto, Victor and Pedesseau, Laurent and Persson, Clas and Petridis, Konstantinos and Popescu, Lacramioara and Pucker, Georg and Radovanovic, Jelena and Rimada, Julio C. and Ristova, Mimoza and Savic, Ivana and Savin, Hele and Sendova-Vassileva, Marushka and Sengul, Abdurrahman and Silva, Jose and Steiner, Ullrich and Storch, Jan and Stratakis, Emmanuel and Tao, Shuxia and Tomanek, Pavel and Tomic, Stanko and Tukiainen, Antti and Turan, Rasit and Ulloa Herrero, Jose Maria and Wang, Shengda and Yuksel, Fatma and Zadny, Jaroslav and Zarbakhsh, Javad (2018). Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics. "EPJ Photovoltaics", v. 9 (n. 10); pp. 1-15. ISSN 2105-0716.

Roca, Francesco and Casaburi, David and Beone, Francesco and Diletto, Claudia and Falcone, Ilaria and Girolamo, Anna de and Miscioscia, Ricardo and Bittkau, Karsten and Lauerman, Iver and Heisz, Maté and Gevorgyan, Suren A. and Gordon, Ivan and Roesch, Alexandre and Cañizo Nadal, Carlos del and Schmid, Martina and Danel, Adrien and Sommeling, Paul and Nieuwenhuysen, Kris Van and Kroon, Jan and Binetti, Simona and Boeck, Torsten and Brunetti, Francesca and Bowers, Jake and Buecheler, Stephan and Cárabe, Julio and Aldo, Di Carlo and Grossberg, Maarja and Halambalakis, Georgios and Hast, Jukka and Joyce, Antonio and Kvande, Rannveig and Lotter, Erwin and Ringleb, Franziska and Román, Eduardo and Turan, Rasit and Trigo, Juan F: and Sánchez Plaza, Guillelrmo and Wyrsch, Nicolas and Veenstra, Sjoerd and Zamini, Shokufeh (2017). FP7-CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Platform: Results and their Exploitation. In: "33rd European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2017)", 25/09/2017 - 29/09/2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. pp. 2888-2894.

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