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Rieth, M. and Dudarev, S.L. and González de Vicente, S.M. and Aktaa, J. and Ahlgren, T. and Antusch, S. and Armstrong, D.E.J. and Balden, M. and Baluc, N. and Barthe, M.F. and Basuki, W.W. and Battabyal, M. and Becquart, C.S. and Blagoeva, D. and Boldyryeva, H. and Brinkmann, J. and Celino, M. and Ciupinski, L. and Correia, J.B. and De Backer, A. and Domain, C. and Gaganidze, E. and García-Rosales, C. and Gibson, J. and Gilbert, M.R. and Giusepponi, S. and Gludovatz, B. and Greuner, H. and Heinola, K. and Höschen, T. and Hoffmann, A. and Holstein, N. and Koch, F. and Krauss, W. and Li, H. and Lindig, S. and Linke, J. and Linsmeier, Ch. and López-Ruiz, P. and Maier, H. and Matejicek, J. and Mishra, T.P. and Muhammed, M. and Muñoz, A. and Muzyk, M. and Nordlund, K. and Nguyen-Manh, D. and Opschoor, J. and Ordás, N. and Palacios García, Teresa and Pintsuk, G. and Pippan, R. and Reiser, J. and Riesch, J. and Roberts, S.G. and Romaner, L. and Rosinski, M. and Sánchez, M. and Schulmeyer, W. and Traxler, H. and Ureña, A. and Van Der Laan, J.G. and Veleva, L. and Wahlberg, S. and Walter, M. and Weber, T. and Weitkamp, T. and Wurster, S. and Yar, M.A. and You, J.H. and Zivelonghi, A. (2013). Recent progress in research on tungsten materials for nuclear fusion applications in Europe. "Journal of Nuclear Materials", v. 432 ; pp. 482-500. ISSN 0022-3115.

Presentation at Congress or Conference

Beaucarne, G. and John, Joachim and Choulat, P. and Ma, Y. and Russel, R. and Romijn, I. and Weeber, A. and Hofmann, M. and Preu, R. and Slaoui, A. and Le Quang, N. and Nichiporuk, O. and Cañizo Nadal, Carlos del and Pan, Aline Cristiane and Solheim, H. and Evju, J. and Nagel, H. and Horzel, J. and Bitnar, B. and Heemeier, M. and Weber, T. and Raabe, B. and Haverkamp, H. and Strumpel, C. and Junge, J. and Riegel, S. and Seren, S. and Hahn, G. (2009). Solar cell process development in the european integrated project crystalclear. In: "23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference", 01/09/2008-05/09/2008, Valencia, España. ISBN 3-936338-24-8.

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