Self-healing in unattended wireless sensor networks

Di Pietro, Roberto and Ma, Di and Soriente, Claudio and Tsudik, Gene (2012). Self-healing in unattended wireless sensor networks. "ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN).", v. 9 (n. 1); pp.. ISSN 1550-4859.


Title: Self-healing in unattended wireless sensor networks
  • Di Pietro, Roberto
  • Ma, Di
  • Soriente, Claudio
  • Tsudik, Gene
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN).
Date: November 2012
ISSN: 1550-4859
Volume: 9
Freetext Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, self-healing, redes de comunicaciones inalámbricas.
Faculty: Facultad de Informática (UPM)
Department: Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos e Ingeniería del Software
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) appeal to a wide range of applications that involve the monitoring of various physical phenomena. However, WSNs are subject to many threats. In particular, lack of pervasive tamper-resistant hardware results in sensors being easy targets for compromise. Having compromised a sensor, the adversary learns all the sensor secrets, allowing it to later encrypt/decrypt or authenticate messages on behalf of that sensor. This threat is particularly relevant in the novel unattended wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) scenario. UWSNs operate without constant supervision by a trusted sink. UWSN?s unattended nature and increased exposure to attacks prompts the need for special techniques geared towards regaining security after being compromised. In this article, we investigate cooperative self-healing in UWSNs and propose various techniques to allow unattended sensors to recover security after compromise. Our techniques provide seamless healing rates even against a very agile and powerful adversary. The effectiveness and viability of our proposed techniques are assessed by thorough analysis and supported by simulation results. Finally, we introduce some real-world issues affecting UWSN deployment and provide some solutions for them as well as a few open problems calling for further investigation.

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FP7257475MASSIFUnspecifiedMAnagement of Security information and events in Service InFrastructures

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DOI: 10.1145/2379799.2379806
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