Acrobats in the rooftops of Tehran

García de Jalón Oyarzun, Lucía (2012). Acrobats in the rooftops of Tehran. In: "Think Space Pamphlets". Zagreb Society of Architects ZSA, Zagreb, Croatia, pp. 149-163. ISBN 978-953-7939-00-7.


Title: Acrobats in the rooftops of Tehran
  • García de Jalón Oyarzun, Lucía
  • Cvjetko Jerkovic, Sanja
  • Korlaet, Luka
  • Beroš, Ana Dana
  • Pauer, Lukas
  • Lahoud, Adrian
  • Gašpar, Kata
Item Type: Book Section
Title of Book: Think Space Pamphlets
Date: November 2012
ISBN: 978-953-7939-00-7
Freetext Keywords: rooftops, multitude, political, landscape, commons, common spatiality, Tehran, Iran, situation, Trisha Brown, Robert Morris, revolt
Faculty: E.T.S. Arquitectura (UPM)
Department: Proyectos Arquitectónicos
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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This paper seeks to analyze the political dimension of the body, and consequently the inherently political dimension of space, through the instrumental notion of situation, understood as an spatio-temporal mesh configured by bodies, practices and discourses. The political understood as the potential for action (or non-action) underlying the individual body, implies a renewed definition of a landscape that results from the body’s doing. Landscape becomes a multiple corporeality, a field of relations in which we discover ourselves enmeshed, not just placed; a field in which the limit is not frontier but bond and common dimension. A disquieting ambiguous zone appears there where the individual spatiality is born out of the body through the actualization of its political potential and entangles with others to constitute a common spatiality, political action of the multitude. The article is organized through the description of a back-and-forth movement between the revolts of Tehran in 2009 and the Iranian revolution of 1979. Also, a detour into the works of Robert Morris and Trisha Brown is required in order to understand the link between the body and the constitution of a common spatiality.

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