Ecología productiva de la dehesa

Hernández Díaz-Ambrona, Carlos Gregorio (2003). Ecología productiva de la dehesa. "Agricultura", v. LXXII (n. 847); pp. 38-42. ISSN 0002-1334.


Title: Ecología productiva de la dehesa
  • Hernández Díaz-Ambrona, Carlos Gregorio
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Agricultura
Date: 1 January 2003
ISSN: 0002-1334
Volume: LXXII
Freetext Keywords: Extremadura, montanera, cerdo iberico, pastos
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Agrónomos (UPM) [antigua denominación]
Department: Producción Vegetal: Fitotecnia [hasta 2014]
UPM's Research Group: Abstract de AGRIS ES2003000925
Creative Commons Licenses: None

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This unique area in Spain is described combining pasture and oak [Quercus] vegetation generating low income, but producing high quality livestock. Brief notes are provided on geochemical aspects (with leaching as the main geochemical process) of this pasture-tree zone described as a system of hill slopes. Information is included on production volumes of biomass by oak trees and its use in the production of the Iberian pig breed. Fragility of the ecosystem is emphasized, and difficulties are discussed of maintaining the right balance between vegetation and production of livestock (sheep, pigs and cows). Diagrams are included on relationships between areas covered with trees and pastures, and livestock production, and oak tree coverage in areas with and without livestock.

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Deposited by: Doctor Carlos Gregorio Hernández Díaz-Ambrona
Deposited on: 27 Nov 2009 08:31
Last Modified: 20 Apr 2016 11:45
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