Inertial behavior of offshore devices

López Piñeiro, Amable and Somolinos Sánchez, José Andrés and Núñez Rivas, Luis Ramón and Robledo de Miguel, Fernando and Muñoz de Yraola, María de los Ángeles (2013). Inertial behavior of offshore devices. "Instrumentation Viewpoint", v. 15 ; pp. 1-4. ISSN 1697-2562.


Title: Inertial behavior of offshore devices
  • López Piñeiro, Amable
  • Somolinos Sánchez, José Andrés
  • Núñez Rivas, Luis Ramón
  • Robledo de Miguel, Fernando
  • Muñoz de Yraola, María de los Ángeles
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Instrumentation Viewpoint
Date: 2013
ISSN: 1697-2562
Volume: 15
Freetext Keywords: Modelling submerged bodies, added masses, maritime manoeuvres, control and simulation
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Navales (UPM)
Department: Sistemas Oceánicos y Navales [hasta 2014]
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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In the last years, there has been a continued growth in the number of offshore operations for handling large equipment and objects, with emphasis on installation and maintenance of devices for exploiting marine renewable energy like generators for harnessing wind, waves and currents energy. Considering the behaviour of these devices during manoeuvrings, and due to their size and by the interaction with the surrounding fluid, the effect of inertial forces and torques is very important, which requires a specific modelling. This paper especially discusses the masses and moments of inertia modelling problem, with the aim to use it in the simulation of the complex manoeuvres of these devices and in the automatic control systems designed for their offshore operations. Given the importance and complexity of the added mass modelling, a method for its early design identification, developed by the R&D Group on Marine Renewable Energy Technologies of the UPM (GITERM) and its use on special cases like emersion manoeuvres of devices from underwater to the surface will be presented.

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