Planning and community development: case studies

Afonso Gallegos, Ana and Herrera Hernández, Obeimar Balente and Barrantes, Christian and Cazorla Montero, Adolfo and Nicolás, Victor Luis de and Ríos Carmenado, Ignacio de los and Diaz Puente, Jose Maria and Fontana Palacios, Alejandro and Fernández Moral, María José and Fetterman, David and Fitzgerald, Charity Samantha and Gómez Gajardo, Francisca and Hernández, Daniel and Midgley, James and Parra Vázquez, Manuel R. and Sastre Merino, Susana and Vidueira, Pablo and Yagüe Blanco, José Luis (2012). Planning and community development: case studies. Grupo GESPLAN-UPM, Madrid. ISBN 978-84-616-2381-5.


Title: Planning and community development: case studies
  • Afonso Gallegos, Ana
  • Herrera Hernández, Obeimar Balente
  • Barrantes, Christian
  • Cazorla Montero, Adolfo
  • Nicolás, Victor Luis de
  • Ríos Carmenado, Ignacio de los
  • Diaz Puente, Jose Maria
  • Fontana Palacios, Alejandro
  • Fernández Moral, María José
  • Fetterman, David
  • Fitzgerald, Charity Samantha
  • Gómez Gajardo, Francisca
  • Hernández, Daniel
  • Midgley, James
  • Parra Vázquez, Manuel R.
  • Sastre Merino, Susana
  • Vidueira, Pablo
  • Yagüe Blanco, José Luis
  • Cazorla, Adolfo
  • Midgley, James
Item Type: Book
Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-84-616-2381-5
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Agrónomos (UPM) [antigua denominación]
Department: Ingeniería Agroforestal
UPM's Research Group: Planificación y Gestión sostenible del desarrollo rural/local
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - Non commercial

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Planning and Comunity Development: Case Studies, presents the findings of the inter-university Seminar held on 28?29 July 2011 and organized by researchers from the Technical University of Madrid and the University of California, Berkeley, who were fortunate to have the presence of the renowned Professor John Friedmann. Professors, researchers and PhD students from our research groups presented their works as scientific communications that were enriched by the debate among the different researches who attended the Seminar. All of them appear in the picture below in front of the gate of Haviland Hall at UC Berkeley. This book analyses the concept of planning and its evolution so far, leading to the conceptualization of governance as an expression of the planning practice. It also studies the role of social capital and cooperation as tools for the community development. The conceptual analysis is complemented by the development of six case studies that put forward experiences of planning and community development carried out in diverse social and cultural contexts of Latin-America, Europe and North America. This publication comes after more than 20 years of work of the researchers that met at the seminar. Through their work in managing development initiatives, they have learned lessons and have contribute to shape their own body of teaching that develops and analyses the role of planning in public domain to promote community development. This knowledge is synthesized in the model Planning as Working With People, that shows that development is not effective unless is promoted in continuous collaboration with all the actors involved in the process.

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