Multi-UAV Coordination and Control Interface

Roldán Gómez, Juan Jesús and Cerro Giner, Jaime del and Barrientos Cruz, Antonio (2016). Multi-UAV Coordination and Control Interface. In: "Industriales Research Meeting 2016", 20 Abr 2016, Madrid, Spain. ISBN 978-84-16397-31-0. p. 18.


Title: Multi-UAV Coordination and Control Interface
  • Roldán Gómez, Juan Jesús
  • Cerro Giner, Jaime del
  • Barrientos Cruz, Antonio
Item Type: Presentation at Congress or Conference (Poster)
Event Title: Industriales Research Meeting 2016
Event Dates: 20 Abr 2016
Event Location: Madrid, Spain
Title of Book: Industriales Research Meeting 2016
Date: 20 April 2016
ISBN: 978-84-16397-31-0
Volume: 1
Freetext Keywords: UAV, Multi-UAV, Mission, Interface, Modeling
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Industriales (UPM)
Department: Automática, Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica e Informática Industrial
UPM's Research Group: Robótica y Cibernética RobCib
Creative Commons Licenses: None

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The interest in missions with multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has increased significantly in last years. These missions take advantage of the use of fleets instead of single UAVs to ensure the success, reduce the duration or increase the goals of the mission. In addition, they allow performing tasks that require multiple agents and certain coordination (e.g. surveillance of large areas or transport of heavy loads). Nevertheless, these missions suppose a challenge in terms of control and monitoring. In fact, the workload of the operators rises with the utilization of multiple UAVs and payloads, since they have to analyze more information, make more decisions and generate more commands during the mission. This work addresses the operator workload problem in multi-UAV missions by reducing and selecting the information. Two approaches are considered: a first one that selects the information according to the mission state, and a second one that selects it according to the operator preferences. The result is an interface that is able to control the amount of information and show what is relevant for mission and operator at the time.

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Deposited by: Juan Jesús Roldán Gómez
Deposited on: 14 Jun 2016 07:15
Last Modified: 14 Jun 2016 07:15
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