Optimal low thrust-based rendezvous maneuvers

Gonzalo Gomez, Juan Luis and Bombardelli, Claudio (2015). Optimal low thrust-based rendezvous maneuvers. In: "25th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting", 11-15 Ene 2015, Williamsburg, Estados Unidos. ISBN 978-0-87703-623-4. pp. 1783-1801.


Title: Optimal low thrust-based rendezvous maneuvers
  • Gonzalo Gomez, Juan Luis
  • Bombardelli, Claudio
Item Type: Presentation at Congress or Conference (Article)
Event Title: 25th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting
Event Dates: 11-15 Ene 2015
Event Location: Williamsburg, Estados Unidos
Title of Book: AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting 2015. Advances in the Astronautical Sciences Series
Date: 2015
ISBN: 978-0-87703-623-4
Volume: 155
Faculty: E.T.S. de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio (UPM)
Department: Física Aplicada a las Ingenierías Aeronáutica y Naval
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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The minimum-time, low-constant-thrust, same circular orbit rendezvous problem is studied using a relative motion description of the system dynamics. The resulting Optimal Control Problem in the thrust orientation angle is formulated using both the Direct and Indirect methods. An extensive set of test cases is numerically solved with the former, while perturbation techniques applied to the later allow to obtain several approximate solutions and provide a greater insight on the underlying physics. These results show that the structure of the solutions undergoes fundamental changes depending on the value of the non-dimensional thrust parameter.

Funding Projects

FP7607457LEOSWEEPSENER INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS S.A.Improving low earth orbit security with enhanced electric propulsion
Government of SpainFPU13/05910UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Government of SpainESP2013-41634-PUnspecifiedUnspecifiedDynamical Analysis, Advanced Orbital Propagation, and Simulation of Complex Space Systems

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