When Phraseology and Ontologies Meet

Aguado de Cea, G. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0367-0299 and Montiel Ponsoda, Elena ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3263-3403 (2009). When Phraseology and Ontologies Meet. In: "XI Simposio Internacional de Comunicación Social", 19-23 de enero de 2009, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. ISBN 978-959-7174-14-1.


Title: When Phraseology and Ontologies Meet
Item Type: Presentation at Congress or Conference (Article)
Event Title: XI Simposio Internacional de Comunicación Social
Event Dates: 19-23 de enero de 2009
Event Location: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Title of Book: Actas del XI Simposio Internacionale de Comunicación Social
Date: January 2009
ISBN: 978-959-7174-14-1
Freetext Keywords: oeg
Faculty: Facultad de Informática (UPM)
Department: Inteligencia Artificial
UPM's Research Group: Ontology Engineering Group – OEG
Creative Commons Licenses: None

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In the field of Languages for Specific Purposes, phraseology plays a central role since its mastering is crucial for the different users that deal with specialized languages, from professionals of a domain to linguist experts (terminologists, translators, communication mediators, etc.). According to Aguado de Cea (2007), phraseology can be defined as: “the linguistic discipline that deals with the combination of words”, (…), or “the set of phraseological units or phrasemes” of a certain specialized language. In any case, phrasemes or lexical combinations are not only necessary for an adequate specialized communication, but they are also fundamental in the understanding of a certain domain of knowledge, together with terms and the concepts underlying terms.

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