Five Challenges for the Semantic Sensor Web

Corcho, Oscar and García-Castro, Raúl (2010). Five Challenges for the Semantic Sensor Web. "Semantic Web - Interoperability, Usability, Applicability", v. 1 (n. 1-2); pp. 121-125. ISSN 1570-0844.


Title: Five Challenges for the Semantic Sensor Web
  • Corcho, Oscar
  • García-Castro, Raúl
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Semantic Web - Interoperability, Usability, Applicability
Date: December 2010
ISSN: 1570-0844
Volume: 1
Freetext Keywords: oeg, Sensor, ontology, query language
Faculty: Facultad de Informática (UPM)
Department: Inteligencia Artificial
UPM's Research Group: Ontology Engineering Group – OEG
Creative Commons Licenses: None

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The combination of sensor networks with the Web, web services and database technologies, was named some years ago as the Sensor Web or the Sensor Internet. Most efforts in this area focused on the provision of platforms that could be used to build sensor-based applications more efficiently, considering some of the most important challenges in sensor-based data management and sensor network configuration. The introduction of semantics into these platforms provides the opportunity of going a step forward into the understanding, management and use of sensor-based data sources, and this is a topic being explored by ongoing initiatives. In this paper we go through some of the most relevant challenges of the current Sensor Web, and describe some ongoing work and open opportunities for the introduction of semantics in this context.

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DOI: 10.3233/SW-2010-0005
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Deposited by: Dr Oscar Corcho
Deposited on: 20 Jan 2011 10:40
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