The Need for a Unifying Traceability Scheme

Espinoza Limón, Angelina and Garbajosa Sopeña, Juan (2005). The Need for a Unifying Traceability Scheme. In: "ECMDA Traceability Workshop", November 8th 2005,, Nuremberg, Germany. ISBN 82-14-03813-8.


Title: The Need for a Unifying Traceability Scheme
  • Espinoza Limón, Angelina
  • Garbajosa Sopeña, Juan
Item Type: Presentation at Congress or Conference (Article)
Event Title: ECMDA Traceability Workshop
Event Dates: November 8th 2005,
Event Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Title of Book: ECMDA Traceability Workshop Proceedings
Date: 19 October 2005
ISBN: 82-14-03813-8
Faculty: Facultad de Informática (UPM)
Department: Organización y Estructura de la Información [hasta 2014]
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - Non commercial

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The benefits of traceability are widely accepted nowadays, however, several issues still make it difficult a wide-scale adoption of traceability in the software engineering practice. There is a lack of a commonly accepted traceability definition further than the term definition, a standard way of specifying traceability among items, and a traceability type classification; besides, conflicts among a number of approaches exist. As a result traceability-schemes implementation in tools lacks of generality and exchangeability. Round trip engineering therefore cannot be well enough supported. The motivation behind is aligned with that of PIM within the MDA initiative. This paper analyzes several current traceability schemes, in order to obtain relevant features and identify overlaps and inconsistencies among the approaches. Then, and based on the analysis, it provides an initial approach for a Traceability Specification Scheme. This scheme is expected to facilitate traceability specification for a given project, to improve the traceability management, and help to automate some traces management processes.

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