Global OER Graduate Network. Report 2nd seminar

Tabuenca, Bernardo and Fransman, Gino and Leso, Igor and Van der Woert, Nicolai and Cardoso, Paula and Cáceres, Marta and Algers, Anne and Iniesto, Francisco and Fitzgerald, Alannah and Pinto, Daliala and Nikolaos, Floratos and Cabedo, Rosa and Schuwer, Robert and Mulder, Fred (2014). Global OER Graduate Network. Report 2nd seminar. Monografía (Project Report). E.T.S.I. de Sistemas Informáticos (UPM), Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Title: Global OER Graduate Network. Report 2nd seminar
  • Tabuenca, Bernardo
  • Fransman, Gino
  • Leso, Igor
  • Van der Woert, Nicolai
  • Cardoso, Paula
  • Cáceres, Marta
  • Algers, Anne
  • Iniesto, Francisco
  • Fitzgerald, Alannah
  • Pinto, Daliala
  • Nikolaos, Floratos
  • Cabedo, Rosa
  • Schuwer, Robert
  • Mulder, Fred
Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Date: 2014
Faculty: E.T.S.I. de Sistemas Informáticos (UPM)
Department: Sistemas Informáticos
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - Share

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GO-GN is a worldwide network of PhD researchers and their supervisors in the field of OER, MOOCs, and Open Education. It has been initiated in 2012 and is coordinated by the UNESCO Chair in OER at the Open University of the Netherlands. The idea behind GO-GN is to form an alternative for the com- mon situation of individual PhD researchers doing their PhD study in ‘isolation’ at their home universities. GO-GN is linking them as they are based at different universities across country borders, and is offering the opportunity of a broader support and supervision by experts with different backgrounds. Typically a GO-GN PhD researcher will be supervised by a team of three experts from different institutions, chaired by the main supervisor from the PhD degree awarding university. We are facilitating this as we also can assist potential PhD students in search for an appropriate PhD degree awarding university. GO-GN is stimulating the sharing of PhD study practices and experiences and the development of working relations among its PhD researchers and supervisors. And we will guide our members towards courses that can be taken online in order to raise their competencies within the context of their PhD study. This all, of course, related to research in OER, MOOCs, and Open Education.

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