La metáfora de la piel en el proceso proyectual de la vestimenta

Saltzman Ardissone, Andrea Laura (2019). La metáfora de la piel en el proceso proyectual de la vestimenta. Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S. Arquitectura (UPM).


Title: La metáfora de la piel en el proceso proyectual de la vestimenta
  • Saltzman Ardissone, Andrea Laura
  • Blanco Lage, Manuel
  • García-Badell Delibes, Guillermo
Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Date: 2019
Faculty: E.T.S. Arquitectura (UPM)
Department: Composición Arquitectónica
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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The work made in this Thesis consists in the development of an automatic system for the treatment, interpretation and correlation of geophysical logs, and it´s application to a set of 27 logs performed by the author in the south-western part of the Duero basin. Although the system is designed to make the former processes with any logs, it will be intended to it´s use with the old electrical, S.P. and Gamma Ray logs into hydrogeological open holes. The interpretation system consists in a group of 12 computer CODES, that carry out the following processes: Digitalization and recording of analogical registers, shifts correction, base line correction and elimination of its displacements, register segmentation, bore hole stratums determination, clay contents calculations, total dissolved solid calculation, real resistivity calculation with permeability estimation, lithologic interpretation, stratums correlation, logging section determination and correlation and final representation. In the developing of the programs, it has been necessary to confront the following processes: - Detailed selection of the most appropriated methods and charts in order to convert it to an analytical formulation for its automatic use. - Laboratory measures to obtain a set of values not only in the previous processes but also in the interpretation process. - Conversion of the obtained data and selected charts, with continuous range of application, to analytical curves for its automatic utilization. - Unfinished problem resolution, such as real resistivity calculation from conventional parameter, permeability approximation from that, or theoretical modelling of the natural gamma correction functions for borehole effect. VII - Algorithm development in automatic execution of processes such as base line calculation, crossed boreholes stratums delimitation, or logging section determination. - Modification of well-known methods (cross-correlation, automatic classification, cross-association) in order to apply them to the specific logs problems (shift correction, lithologic interpretation, correlation). - Parallel, a complete set of mathematical supports has been done with a helping characteristic. Finally, in the application of the system, beside the execution of the logs, it has been necessary to synthesize the geological existing data, in order to determine the series or periods coincident with the logs zones, and a summary of granulometric studies, water analysis data, ... etc., to check the obtained results.

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Item ID: 62891
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DOI: 10.20868/UPM.thesis.62891
Deposited by: Archivo Digital UPM 2
Deposited on: 03 Jul 2020 10:07
Last Modified: 03 Jan 2021 23:30
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