ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Bromoviridae

Bujarski, Joseph and Gallitelli, Donato and Garcia-Arenal Rodriguez, Fernando and Pallás, Vicente and Palukaitis, Peter and Reddy, Krishna and Wang, Aiming and Lefkowitz, Elliot J. and Davison, Andrew J. and Siddell, Stuart G. and Simmonds, Peter and Sabanadzovic, Sead and Smith, Donald B. and Orton, Richard J. and Zerbini, F. Murilo (2019). ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Bromoviridae. "Journal of General Virology", v. 100 (n. 8); pp. 1206-1207. ISSN 0022-1317. https://doi.org/10.1099/jgv.0.001282.


Title: ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Bromoviridae
  • Bujarski, Joseph
  • Gallitelli, Donato
  • Garcia-Arenal Rodriguez, Fernando
  • Pallás, Vicente
  • Palukaitis, Peter
  • Reddy, Krishna
  • Wang, Aiming
  • Lefkowitz, Elliot J.
  • Davison, Andrew J.
  • Siddell, Stuart G.
  • Simmonds, Peter
  • Sabanadzovic, Sead
  • Smith, Donald B.
  • Orton, Richard J.
  • Zerbini, F. Murilo
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Journal of General Virology
Date: August 2019
ISSN: 0022-1317
Volume: 100
Freetext Keywords: ICTV Report; Taxonomy; Bromoviridae
Faculty: E.T.S. de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas (UPM)
Department: Biotecnología - Biología Vegetal
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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Bromoviridae is a family of plant viruses with tri-segmented, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA genomes of about 8 kb in total. Genomic RNAs are packaged in separate virions that may also contain subgenomic, defective or satellite RNAs. Virions are variable in morphology (spherical or bacilliform) and are transmitted between hosts mechanically, in/on the pollen and non-persistently by insect vectors. Members of the family are responsible for major disease epidemics in fruit, vegetable and fodder crops such as tomato, cucurbits, bananas, fruit trees and alfalfa. This is a summary of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) Report on the family Bromoviridae, which is available at www. ictv. global/ report/ bromoviridae.

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Item ID: 63660
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OAI Identifier: oai:oa.upm.es:63660
DOI: 10.1099/jgv.0.001282
Official URL: https://www.microbiologyresearch.org/content/journ...
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Deposited on: 19 Oct 2020 11:39
Last Modified: 19 Oct 2020 11:39
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