First bifacial PV modules early 1983

Eguren, Javier and Martínez Moreno, Francisco and Merodio Camara, Pablo and Lorenzo Pigueiras, Eduardo (2022). First bifacial PV modules early 1983. "Solar Energy", v. 243 ; pp. 327-335. ISSN 0038-092X.


Title: First bifacial PV modules early 1983
  • Eguren, Javier
  • Martínez Moreno, Francisco
  • Merodio Camara, Pablo
  • Lorenzo Pigueiras, Eduardo
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Solar Energy
Date: August 2022
ISSN: 0038-092X
Volume: 243
Freetext Keywords: bifacial PV generator; bifacial PV modules; commercialization of bifacial technology; Manufacturing process; n-PERT cells
Faculty: Instituto de Energía Solar (IES) (UPM)
Department: Ingeniería Telemática y Electrónica
UPM's Research Group: Sistemas Fotovoltaicos
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A pioneer experience with the production and first commercialization of bifacial PV modules was developed by ISOFOTON, a Spanish academic spin-off established in 1981. Bifacial modules based on n-PERT cell technology were produced until 1989. 59 modules from that time were recovered from real installations after about 20 years of outdoor exposure. After cleaning and testing, 56 of these modules were connected to the grid at an IES-UPM terrace in Madrid on the 5th May 2021, constituting a 3.79 kW PV generator (nominal power of the frontal side), which is now in routine operation. The good health of these modules translates into yearly Performance Ratios of 88% (referred to the frontal side irradiation) and 81% (referred to the frontal plus rear irradiation). The comparison of the design and features of old and modern bifacial modules allows the evolution of PV technology throughout the last three decades to be appreciated.

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