Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest

Phillips, Oliver L., Aragao, Luiz, Lewis, Simon L., Fisher, Joshua B., Lloyd, J., Lopez Gonzalez, G., Malhi, Y., Monteagudo, A., Peacock, J., Quesada, C.A., Van der Heijden, Geertje, Almeida, S., Amaral, Ieda, Arroyo, L., Aymard, Gerardo, Baker, T.R. de, Banki, Olaf, Blanc, Lilian, Bolan, Damien, Brando, Paulo, Chave, Jerome, Alves de Oliveira, Atila Cristina, Dávila Cardozo, Nallaret, Czimczik, Claudia I., Feldpausch, Ted R., Aparecida Freita, Maria, Gloor, Emanuel, Higuchi, Niro, Jimenez Rojas, Eliana Maria, Lloyd, G., Meir, Patrick, Mendoza, Casimiro, Morel, Alexandra, Neill, D.A., Nepstad, David, Patiño, S., Peñuela, M.C., Prieto, A., Ramírez, Fredy, Schwarz, M., Silva, Javier, Silveira, Marcos, Sota Thomas, Anne, Ter Steege, Hans, Stropp, Juliana, Vasquez, R., Zelazowsk, Przemyslaw, Alvarez Davila, Esteban, Adelman, S., Andrade, Ana, Chao, K.J., Erwin, T., Di Fiore, A., Honorio, E., Keeling, Helen, Killen, T., Laurance, William E., Peña Cruz, A., Pitman, N., Nuñez Vargas, P., Ramirez Angulo, H., Rudas, A., Salamao, R., Silva, N., Terborgh, J. and Torres Lezama, Armando (2009). Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest. "Science", v. 323 (n. 5919); pp. 1344-1347. ISSN 0036-8075. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1164033.


Title: Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest
  • Phillips, Oliver L.
  • Aragao, Luiz
  • Lewis, Simon L.
  • Fisher, Joshua B.
  • Lloyd, J.
  • Lopez Gonzalez, G.
  • Malhi, Y.
  • Monteagudo, A.
  • Peacock, J.
  • Quesada, C.A.
  • Van der Heijden, Geertje
  • Almeida, S.
  • Amaral, Ieda
  • Arroyo, L.
  • Aymard, Gerardo
  • Baker, T.R. de
  • Banki, Olaf
  • Blanc, Lilian
  • Bolan, Damien
  • Brando, Paulo
  • Chave, Jerome
  • Alves de Oliveira, Atila Cristina
  • Dávila Cardozo, Nallaret
  • Czimczik, Claudia I.
  • Feldpausch, Ted R.
  • Aparecida Freita, Maria
  • Gloor, Emanuel
  • Higuchi, Niro
  • Jimenez Rojas, Eliana Maria
  • Lloyd, G.
  • Meir, Patrick
  • Mendoza, Casimiro
  • Morel, Alexandra
  • Neill, D.A.
  • Nepstad, David
  • Patiño, S.
  • Peñuela, M.C.
  • Prieto, A.
  • Ramírez, Fredy
  • Schwarz, M.
  • Silva, Javier
  • Silveira, Marcos
  • Sota Thomas, Anne
  • Ter Steege, Hans
  • Stropp, Juliana
  • Vasquez, R.
  • Zelazowsk, Przemyslaw
  • Alvarez Davila, Esteban
  • Adelman, S.
  • Andrade, Ana
  • Chao, K.J.
  • Erwin, T.
  • Di Fiore, A.
  • Honorio, E.
  • Keeling, Helen
  • Killen, T.
  • Laurance, William E.
  • Peña Cruz, A.
  • Pitman, N.
  • Nuñez Vargas, P.
  • Ramirez Angulo, H.
  • Rudas, A.
  • Salamao, R.
  • Silva, N.
  • Terborgh, J.
  • Torres Lezama, Armando
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Science
Date: March 2009
ISSN: 0036-8075
Volume: 323
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Montes (UPM)
Department: Otro
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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Amazon forests are a key but poorly understood component of the global carbon cycle. If, as anticipated, they dry this century, they might accelerate climate change through carbon losses and changed surface energy balances. We used records from multiple long-term monitoring plots across Amazonia to assess forest responses to the intense 2005 drought, a possible analog of future events. Affected forest lost biomass, reversing a large long-term carbon sink, with the greatest impacts observed where the dry season was unusually intense. Relative to pre-2005 conditions, forest subjected to a 100-millimeter increase in water deficit lost 5.3 megagrams of aboveground biomass of carbon per hectare. The drought had a total biomass carbon impact of 1.2 to 1.6 petagrams (1.2 × 1015 to 1.6 × 1015 grams). Amazon forests therefore appear vulnerable to increasing moisture stress, with the potential for large carbon losses to exert feedback on climate change

More information

Item ID: 8773
DC Identifier: https://oa.upm.es/8773/
OAI Identifier: oai:oa.upm.es:8773
DOI: 10.1126/science.1164033
Official URL: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/323/5919/1344.ab...
Deposited by: Memoria Investigacion
Deposited on: 27 Sep 2011 07:30
Last Modified: 20 Apr 2016 17:26
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