Road dust resuspension and toxic components

Karanasiou, Angeliki, Moreno, Teresa, Amato, Fulvio, Lumbreras Martin, Julio ORCID:, Borge García, Rafael ORCID:, Narros Sierra, Adolfo ORCID:, Reche, Cristina, Pey, Jorge, Alastuey, Andres and Querol, Xavier (2010). Road dust resuspension and toxic components. In: "AAAR 2010 Specialty Conference", 22/03/2010 - 26/03/2010, San Diego, California, EEUU.


Title: Road dust resuspension and toxic components
Item Type: Presentation at Congress or Conference (Poster)
Event Title: AAAR 2010 Specialty Conference
Event Dates: 22/03/2010 - 26/03/2010
Event Location: San Diego, California, EEUU
Title of Book: Proceedings of AAAR 2010 Specialty Conference
Date: 2010
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Industriales (UPM)
Department: Ingeniería Química Industrial y del Medio Ambiente
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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Several studies in Spanish urban areas have shown high concentrations of aerosol particles. These air pollution problems are mostly attributed to traffic. Traffic emissions include exhaust origin particles, as well as particulate matter from abrasion sources like tire and brake wear debris and particles resuspended from the road surface.
An intensive one month sampling campaign was conducted during summer 2009 in central Madrid. During the campaign the followed procedure was: for one week the road surface was washed daily with high-pressure water systems to prevent suspension of road dust and the next week the road was left untreated to observe any potential increase in PM ambient concentrations and particle loading of the road surface. This was repeated for another two weeks period.
Aerosol monitoring included air quality measurements at two sites, ALCALA and MALDONADO placed 1.5 km apart along one busy street, and at one site, named ESCUELAS AGUIRRE monitored by the Madrid City Hall authorities. MCV high volume samplers were used for PM10 mass measurements. In addition light scattering particle counters (Grimm) measured PM10 concentrations using 30 minutes time intervals.

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