Combustion theory and modeling

Buckmaster, J., Clavin, Paul, Liñán Martínez, Amable ORCID:, Matalon, M., Peters, N., Sivashinsky, G. and Williams, F.A. (2005). Combustion theory and modeling. "Proceedings of the Combustion Institute", v. 30 (n. 1); pp. 1-19. ISSN 1540-7489.


Title: Combustion theory and modeling
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
Date: January 2005
ISSN: 1540-7489
Volume: 30
Freetext Keywords: Activation energy; Approximation theory; Detonation; Elasticity; Ignition; Mathematical models; Numerical analysis; Parameter estimation; Combustion theory; Mathematical theories; Mathematical tools; Propellents; Combustion
Faculty: E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos (UPM)
Department: Motopropulsión y Termofluidodinámica [hasta 2014]
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - Non commercial

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In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Combustion Institute, we are asked to assess accomplishments of theory in combustion over the past fifty years and prospects for the future. The title of our article is chosen to emphasize that development of theory necessarily goes hand-in-hand with specification of a model. Good conceptual models underlie successful mathematical theories. Models and theories are discussed here for deflagrations, detonations, diffusion flames, ignition, propellant combustion, and turbulent combustion. In many of these areas, the genesis of mathematical theories occurred during the past fifty years, and in all of them significant advances are anticipated in the future. Increasing interaction between theory and computation will aid this progress. We hope that, although certainly not complete in topical coverage or reference citation, the presentation may suggest useful directions for future research in combustion theory.

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