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Torres Pérez-Hidalgo, Trinidad José and Ortiz Menéndez, José Eugenio and Rasilla, Marco de la and Rosas, Antonio and Cañaveras, Juan Carlos and Lalueza, Carles and Santamaría, David and Duarte, Elsa and Sánchez Moral, Sergio and Estalrrich, Almudena and García Tabernero, Antonio and Silva, Pablo G. and Santos, Gabriel and Huguet, Rosa and Bastir, Markus and Martínez, Lucía and Suárez, Paloma and Díez, Ana Belén and López Tascón, Cristina and Fernández Cascón, Beatriz and Cuezva, Soledad and Fernández Cortés, Ángel and Muñoz, Concepción and Lario, Javier and García Antón, Elena and Rios, Luis and Pérez Criado, Laura and García-Martínez, Daniel and Rodríguez Pérez, Francisco J. and Ferrando, Anabel and Standing, Melanie and Carrasco, Pedro and Huerta, Pedro and Ayarza, Puy and Álvarez Lobato, Fernando and Rodríguez, Loreto and Picón, Inmaculada and Fernández Caso, Begoña and Sesé, Carmen and Valladas, Heléne and Mercier, Norbert and Tisnèrat-Laborde, Nadine and Grün, Rainer and Eggins, Stephen and Higham, Thomas and Wood, Rachel E. and Juliá, Ramón and Soler Javaloyes, Vicente and Badal, Ernestina and Tarriño, Antonio and Alonso, Jesús (2016). El grupu neandertal de la Cueva d'El Sidrón (Borines, Piloña).. "Ciencies. Cartafueyos Asturianos de Ciencia y Teunoloxía", v. 6 ; pp. 62-79. ISSN 2174-9639.

Rodriguez Calcerrada, Jesus and Lopez Rodriguez, Rosa Ana and Salomón Moreno, Roberto Luis and Jiménez de Tejada Benavides, César María and González Gordaliza, Guillermo and Valbuena Carabaña, María and Alonso, Jesús and Gil Sanchez, Luis Alfonso (2015). Emisión de CO2 de troncos de varias especies arbóreas. "Foresta", v. 62 ; pp. 30-36. ISSN 1575-2356.

Huerta Gómez de Merodio, María Consuelo and Pacios Álvarez, Antonia and Saboya, Sergio and Alonso, Jesús and Capel, Francisco (2014). Influencia de un recubrimiento de vinilo en la tensión de fractura del vidrio en ensayos de anillos concéntricos con gran superficie. "Anales de Mecánica de Fractura.", v. XXXI ; pp. 249-254. ISSN 0213-3725.

Luque López, Antonio and Martí Vega, Antonio and Bett, Andreas and Andreev, Viatcheslav M. and Jaussaud, Claude and Roosmalen, J. A M. van and Alonso, Jesús and Räuber, A. and Strobl, Gerhard F.X. and Stolz, Wolfgang and Algora del Valle, Carlos and Bitnar, Bernd and Gombert, Andreas and Stanley, Colin and Wahnón Benarroch, Perla and Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos and Sark, Wilfried van and Meijerink, Andries and Klink, Gerard P. M. van and Barnham, Keith W.J. and Danz, Rudi and Meyer, Toby B. and Luque-Heredia, Ignacio and Kenny, Robert and Christofidès, Constantinos and Sala Pano, Gabriel and Benítez Giménez, Pablo (2005). FULLSPECTRUM: a new PV wave making more efficient use of the solar spectrum. "Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells", v. 87 (n. 1-4); pp. 467-479. ISSN 0927-0248.

Presentation at Congress or Conference

Alonso, Jesús and López, J.M. and Pavón García, Ignacio and Asensio, César and Arcas Castro, Guillermo de (2015). Platform for On-Board Real-Time Detection of Wet, Icy and Snowy Roads, using Tyre/Road Noise Analysis. In: "2015 IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (lSCE)", 24-26 June 2015, Madrid. ISBN 0747-668X. pp. 1-2.

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