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Abdellaoui, G. and Abe, S. and Adams, J.H. and Ahriche, A. and Allard, D. and Allen, L. and Alonso, G. and Anchordoqui, L. and Anzalone, A. and Arai, Y. and Asano, K. and Atallah, R. and Attoui, H. and Ave Pernas, M. and Bacholle, S. and Bakiri, M. and Baragatti, P. and Barrillon, P. and Belloti, R. and Belov, A. and Belov, K. and Benmessai, K. and Bertaina, M. and Biermann, P.L. and Biktemerova, S. and Bisconti, F. and Blanc, N. and Blçcki, J. and Blin-Bondil, S. and Bobik, P. and Bogomilov, M. and Bozzo, E. and Briz, S. and Bruno, A. and Caballero, K.S. and Cafagna, F. and Campana, D. and Capdevielle, J.-N. and Capel, F. and Caramete, A. and Caramete, L. and Carlson, P. and Caruso, R. and Casolino, M. and Cassardo, C. and Castellina, A. and Catalano, C. and Catalano, O. and Cellino, A. and Chikawa, M. and Chiritoi, G. and Christl, M.J. and Connaughton, V. and Conti, L. and Cordero, G. and Cotto, G. and Crawford, H.J. and Cremonini, R. and Csorna, S. and Cummings, A. and Dagoret-Campagne, S. and Castro, A.J. de and De Donato, C. and Taille, C. de la and De Santis, C. and Peral, L. del and Di Martino, M. and Diaz Damian, A. and Djemil, T. and Dutan, I. and Ebersoldt, A. and Ebersoldt, A. and Ebisuzaki, T. and Engel, R. and Eser, J. and Fenu, F. and Fernández- González, S. and Ferrarese, S. and Flamini, M. and Fornaro, C. and Fouka, M. and Franceschi, A. and Franchini, Sebastián and Fuglesang, C. and Fujii, T. and Fujimoto, J. and Fukushima, M. and Galeotti, P. and García Ortega, E. and Garipov, G. and Gascón, E. and Genci, J. and Giraudo, G. and González Alvarado, C. and Gorodetzky, P. and Greg, R. and Guarino, F. and Guzmán, A. and Hachisu, Y. and Haiduc, M. and Harlov, B. and Haungs, A. and Hernández Carretero, J. and Hidber Cruz, W. and Ikeda, D. and Inoue, N. and Inoue, S. and Isgrò, F. and Itow, Y. and Jammer, T. and Jeong, S. and Joven, E. and Judd, E.G. and Jung, A. and Jochum, J. and Kajino, F. and Kajino, T. and Kalli, S. and Kaneko, I. and Karadzhov, Y. and Karczmarczyk, J. and Katahira, K. and Kawai, K. and Kawasaki, Y. and Kedadra, A. and Khales, H. and Khrenov, B.A. and Kim, Jeong-Sook and Kim, Soon-Wook and Kleifges, M. and Klimov, P.A. and Kolev, D. and Krantz, H. and Kreykenbohm, I. and Krizmanic, J.F. and Kudela, K. and Kurihara, Y. and Kusenko, A. and Kuznestov, E. and La Barbera, A. and Lachaud, C. and Lahmar, H. and Lakhdari, F. and Larsson, O. and Lee, J. and Licandro, J. and López Campano, L. and López, F. and Maccarone, M.C. and Mackovjak, S. and Mahdi, M. and Maravilla, D. and Marcelli, L. and Marcos, J.L. and Marini, A. and Marszal, W. and Martens, K. and Martin, Y. and Martínez, O. and Matthews, J.N. and Mebarki, N. and Medina-Tanco, G. and Mendoza, M.A. and Menshikov, A. and Merino, A. and Meseguer, J. and Meyer, S.S. and Mimouni, J. and Miyamoto, H. and Mizumoto, Y. and Monaco, A. and Morales de los Ríos, J.A. and Moretto, C. and Nagataki, S. and Naitamor, S. and Napolitano, T. and Nava, R. and Neronov, A. and Nomoto, K. and Nonaka, T. and Ogawa, T. and Ogio, S. and Ohmori, H. and Olinto, A.V. and Orleanski, P. and Osteria, G. and Pagliaro, A. and Painter, W. and Panasyuk, M.I. and Panico, B. and Parizot, E. and Park, I.H. and Pastircak, B. and Patzak, T. and Paul, T. and Pérez Grande, Isabel and Perfetto, F. and Peter, T. and Picozza, P. and Pindado Carrion, Santiago and Piotrowski, L.W. and Piraino, S. and Placidi, L. and Plebaniak, Z. and Pliego, S. and Pollini, A. and Polonsky, Z. and Popescu, E.M. and Prat, P. and Prévôt, G. and Prieto, H. and Puehlhofer, G. and Putis, M. and Rabanal, J. and Radu, A.A. and Reyes, M. and Rezazadeh, M. and Ricci, M. and Rodríguez Frías, M.D. and Ronga, F. and Roudil, G. and Rusinov, I. and Rybczynski, M. and Sabau, M.D. and Sáez Cano, G. and Sagawa, H. and Sahnoune, Z. and Saito, A. and Sakaki, N. and Salazar, H. and Sanchez Balanzar, J.C. and Sanchez, J.L. and Santangelo, A. and Sanz Andres, Angel Pedro and Sanz Palomino, M. and Saprykin, O. and Sarazin, F. and Sato, M. and Schanz, T. and Schieler, H. and Scotti, V. and Selmane, S. and Semikoz, D. and Serra, M. and Sharakin, S. and Shimizu, H.M. and Shinozaki, K. and Shirahama, T. and Spataro, B. and Stan, I. and Sugiyama, T. and Supanitsky, D. and Suzuki, M. and Szabelska, B. and Szabelski, J. and Tajima, N. and Tajima, T. and Takahashi, Y. and Takami, H. and Takeda, M. and Takizawa, Y. and Talai, M.C. and Tenzer, C. and Thomas, S.B. and Tibolla, O. and Tkachev, L. and Tokuno, H. and Tomida, T. and Tone, N. and Toscano, S. and Traïche, M. and Tsenov, R. and Tsunesada, Y. and Tsuno, K. and Tubbs, J. and Turriziani, S. and Uchihori, Y. and Vaduvescu, O. and Valdés García, J.F. and Vallania, P. and Vankova, G. and Vigorito, C. and Villaseñor, L. and Vlcek, B. and Von Ballmoos, P. and Vrabel, M. and Wada, S. and Watanabe, J. and Watts Jr, J. and Weber, M. and Weigand Muñoz, M. and Weindl, A. and Wiencke, L. and Wille, M. and Wilms, J. and Wlodarczyk, Z. and Yamamoto, T. and Yang, J. and Yano, H. and Yashin, I.V. and Yonetoku, D. and Yoshida, S. and Young, R. and Zgura, I.S. and Zotov, M.Yu. and Zuccaro Marchini, A. (2019). Ultra-violet imaging of the night-time earth by EUSO-Balloon towards space-based ultra-high energy cosmic ray observations. "Astroparticle Physics", v. 111 ; pp. 54-71. ISSN 0927-6505.

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