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Azagra, Daniel and Macia Lang, Fabricio (2010). Concentration of Symmetric Eigenfunctions. "Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications", v. 73 (n. 3); pp. 683-688. ISSN 0362-546X.


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Macia Lang, Fabricio and Antuono, Matteo and González Gutierrez, Leo Miguel and Colagrossi, A. (2011). Theoretical Analysis of the No-Slip Boundary Condition Enforcement in SPH Methods. "Progress of Theoretical Physics", v. 125 (n. 6); pp. 1091-1121. ISSN 0033-068X.


Navarro Jiménez, Gustavo and Milla de Marco, José and Mira Illana, Miguel Ángel (2008). Concurso Ciudad de la Justicia de Vigo. "Future Arquitecturas : Periódico de Concursos de Arquitectura" (n. Extra ); pp. 110-119. ISSN 1885-8228.


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Souto Iglesias, Antonio and Bravo Trinidad, José Luis (2008). Implementación European Credit Transfer System en un curso de Programación en Ingeniería = European Credit Transfer System implementation in an Introduction to Programming Course for a Mechanical Engineering Degree. "Revista de Educacion" (n. 346); pp. 487-511. ISSN 0034-8082.

Souto Iglesias, Antonio and Martínez Barrios, Israel and Toman, Mirko and Fernández Coracho, Aarón and Guadalupe Garcia, Rafael Eugenio (2013). Integrated learning of production engineering software applications in a shipbuilding context. "International Journal of Engineering Education", v. 29 (n. 6); pp. 1400-1409. ISSN 0949-149X.


Uzunoglu, Emre and Ribeiro e Silva, Sérgio and Guedes Soares, Carlos and Pérez Rojas, Luis and Zamora Rodriguez, Ricardo (2013). Numerical and experimental study of the parametric rolling of a fisihing vessel in regular head waves. "International Journal of Maritime Engineering (IJME)", v. 155 (n. A4); pp. 181-188. ISSN 1479-8751.

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