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Amato, Davide (2017). Advanced orbit propagation methods applied to asteroids and space debris. Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos (UPM).


Bombardelli, Claudio and Gonzalo Gomez, Juan Luis and Roa Vicens, Javier (2016). Compact solution of circular orbit relative motion in curvilinear coordinates. In: "AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Conference 2015", Aug 9-13 2015, Vail, Colorado.

Brandon, V. and Canaud, B. and Temporal, Mauro and Ramis Abril, Rafael (2014). Low initial aspect-ratio direct-drive target designs for shock- or self-ignition in the context of the laser Megajoule. "Nuclear Fusion", v. 54 (n. 8); pp.. ISSN 0029-5515.


Chen, Xin (2015). Low Work-Function Thermionic Emission and Orbital-Motion-Limited Ion Collection at Bare-Tether Cathodic Contact. Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos (UPM).


Fernandez Jimenez, Consuelo and Ahearn, Alison and Alonso-Tapia, Jesús (2014). Analysis of teaching pattern's motivational valued from the point of view of engineering students. In: "5th International Symposium of Engineering Education", 11-12 sep, Manchester. ISBN 978-0993061103. pp. 84-94.

Fernández Jiménez, Consuelo and Hernando Guadaño, Maria Laura and Prieto Muñoz, Federico (2016). Science for everybody: A proposal for fostering learning from OCW. "The International Journal of Science in Society", v. 8 (n. 1); pp. 15-25. ISSN 1836-6236.


Gonzalo Gomez, Juan Luis and Bombardelli, Claudio (2014). Asymptotic Solution for the Two Body Problem with Radial Perturbing Acceleration. In: "SpaceFlight Mechanics 2014", 26-30 Ene 2014, Santa Fe, New Mexico (EEUU). ISBN 978-0-87703-611-1.. pp. 359-377.

Gonzalo Gómez, Juan Luis (2017). Propagation and Optimal Control of Space Trajectories Using Perturbation Methods. Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos (UPM).


Honrubia Checa, José Javier and Fernández, J.C. and Hegelich, B.M. and Murakami, M. and Enriquez, C.D.. (2014). Fast ignition driven by quasi-monoenergetic ions: Optimal ion type and reduction of ignition energies with an ion beam array. "Laser And Particle Beams", v. 32 (n. 3); pp. 419-427. ISSN 0263-0346.


Montero Alejo, Ana L. and Menéndez-Proupin, E. and Hidalgo-Rojas, D. and Palacios Clemente, Pablo and Wahnón Benarroch, Perla and Conesa, J.C. (2016). Modeling of thermal effect on the electronic properties of photovoltaic perovskite CH3NH3PbI3: the case of tetragonal phase. "Journal of Physical Chemistry C", v. 120 (n. 15); pp. 7976-7986. ISSN 1932-7447.

Muñoz Castañeda, Jose Maria and Kirsten, Klaus and Bordag, Michael (2015). QFT over the finite line. Heat kernel coefficients, spectral zeta functions and selfadjoint extensions. "Letters in Mathematical Physics", v. 105 (n. 4); pp. 523-549. ISSN 0377-9017.

Menéndez Proupin, Eduardo and Palacios, P. and Wahnón Benarroch, Perla and Conesa, J.C. (2014). Self-consistent relativistic band structure of the CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite. "Physical Review B", v. 90 (n. 4); pp.. ISSN 1098-0121.


Raposo Pulido, Virginia and Pelaez Alvarez, Jesus (2017). On the resolution of the Lambert's problem with the SDG-code. Part I.. "Advances in the Astronautical Sciences", v. 160 ; pp. 4125-4142. ISSN 1081-6003.

Roa Vicens, Javier (2016). Regularization in Astrodynamics: applications to relative motion, low-thrust missions, and orbit propagation = Regularización en Astrodinámica: aplicaciones al movimiento relativo, misiones de bajo empuje, y propagación de órbitas. Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos (UPM).

Roa, Javier and Sanjurjo Rivo, Manuel and Pélaez Álvarez, Jesús (2015). Singularities in DROMO formulation. Analysis of deep flybys. "Advances in Space Research", v. 56 (n. 3); pp. 569-581. ISSN 0273-1177.


Sanjurjo-Rivo, M. and Sánchez Arriaga, Gonzalo and Peláez Alvarez, Jesus (2014). Efficient computation of current collection in bare electrodynamic tethers in and beyond OML regime. "Journal of Aerospace Engineering", v. 123 (n. 27); pp.. ISSN 0893-1321.

Sanchez Arriaga, Gonzalo and Pastor-moreno, D. (2014). Direct Vlasov simulations of electron-attracting cylindrical Langmuir probes in flowing plasmas. "Physics of Plasmas", v. 21 ; pp.. ISSN 1070-664X.

Salord Losantos, L. and Sánchez Arriaga, Gonzalo (2014). Flight dynamics and stability of kites in steady and unsteady wind conditions. "Journal of Aircraft", v. 52 (n. 2); pp. 660-666. ISSN 0021-8669.

Sanjurjo Rivo, Manuel and Scheeres, D. and Peláez Álvarez, Jesús (2014). Jovian Capture of a Spacecraft with a Self-Balanced Electrodynamic Bare Tether. "Journal of Spacecraft And Rockets", v. 51 (n. 5); pp. 1401-1412. ISSN 0022-4650.

Siminos, Evangelos and Sánchez Arriaga, Gonzalo and Saxena, Vikrant and Kourakis, Ioannis (2014). Modelling relativistic solitary wave interactions in over-dense plasmas: a perturbed nonlinear Schröndinger equation framework. "Physical Review E", v. 90 (n. 6); pp.. ISSN 1539-3755.

Sanjurjo Rivo, Manuel and Scheeres, D. and Lara, M. and Peláez Álvarez, Jesús (2014). Solution of optimal continuous low-thrust transfer using Lie transforms. "Advances in the Astronautical Sciences", v. 150 ; pp. 3293-3304. ISSN 0065-3438.


Temporal, Mauro and Canaud, B. and Garbett, Warren J. and Ramis Abril, Rafael and Weber, Stefan (2014). Irradiation uniformity at the Laser MegaJoule facility in the context of the shock ignition scheme. "High Power Laser Science and Engineering", v. 2 (n. e8); pp. 1-12. ISSN 1359-8139.

Temporal, Mauro and Canaud, B. and Garbett, Warren J. and Ramis Abril, Rafael (2014). Optimal laser intensity profiles for a uniform target illumination in direct-drive inertial confinement fusion. "High Power laser Science and Engineering", v. 2 (n. e37); pp. 1-6. ISSN 1359-8139.


Urrutxua Cereijo, Hodei and Morante González, David and Peláez Álvarez, Jesús and Sanjurjo Rivo, Manuel (2015). DROMO formulation for planar motions: Solution to the Tsien Problem. "Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy", v. 122 (n. 2); pp. 143-168. ISSN 0923-2958.

Urrutxua Cereijo, Hodei (2015). High Fidelity Models for Near-Earth Object Dynamics. Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos (UPM).

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