Demystifying the information reconciliation protocol cascade

Martinez Mateo, Jesus and Pacher, Christoph and Peev, Momtchil and Ciurana Aguilar, Alex and Martín Ayuso, Vicente (2015). Demystifying the information reconciliation protocol cascade. "Quantum Information & Computation", v. 15 (n. 5&6); pp. 453-477. ISSN 1533-7146.


Title: Demystifying the information reconciliation protocol cascade
  • Martinez Mateo, Jesus
  • Pacher, Christoph
  • Peev, Momtchil
  • Ciurana Aguilar, Alex
  • Martín Ayuso, Vicente
Item Type: Article
Título de Revista/Publicación: Quantum Information & Computation
Date: 2015
ISSN: 1533-7146
Volume: 15
Faculty: E.T.S. de Ingenieros Informáticos (UPM)
Department: Matemática Aplicada a las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones
Creative Commons Licenses: Recognition - No derivative works - Non commercial

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Cascade is an information reconciliation protocol proposed in the context of secret key agreement in quantum cryptography. This protocol allows removing discrepancies in two partially correlated sequences that belong to distant parties, connected through a public noiseless channel. It is highly interactive, thus requiring a large number of channel communications between the parties to proceed and, although its efficiency is not optimal, it has become the de-facto standard for practical implementations of information reconciliation in quantum key distribution. The aim of this work is to analyze the performance of Cascade, to discuss its strengths, weaknesses and optimization possibilities, comparing with some of the modified versions that have been proposed in the literature. When looking at all design trade-offs, a new view emerges that allows to put forward a number of guidelines and propose near optimal parameters for the practical implementation of Cascade improving performance significantly in comparison with all previous proposals.

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Government of SpainTEC2012-35673UnspecifiedUnspecifiedRedes cuánticas híbridas

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