Design and integration of lower ports for ITER diagnostic systems

Casal Iglesias, Natalia; Bertalot, Luciano; Cheng, Hao; Drevon, Jean Marc; Duckworth, Philip; Giacomin, Thibaud; Guirao, Julio; Iglesias, Silvia; Kochergin, Mikhail; Martin, Alex; McCarron, Eddie; Mokeev, Alexander; Mota, Fernando; Penot, Christophe; Portales, Mickael; Kitazawa, Sin-iti; Sky, Jack; Suárez, Alejandro; Udintsev, Victor; Utin, Yuri; Vacas, Christian; Walsh, Michael y Zvonkov, Alexander (2015). Design and integration of lower ports for ITER diagnostic systems. "Fusion Engineering and Design", v. 96-97 (n. null); pp. 83-88. ISSN 0920-3796.


Título: Design and integration of lower ports for ITER diagnostic systems
  • Casal Iglesias, Natalia
  • Bertalot, Luciano
  • Cheng, Hao
  • Drevon, Jean Marc
  • Duckworth, Philip
  • Giacomin, Thibaud
  • Guirao, Julio
  • Iglesias, Silvia
  • Kochergin, Mikhail
  • Martin, Alex
  • McCarron, Eddie
  • Mokeev, Alexander
  • Mota, Fernando
  • Penot, Christophe
  • Portales, Mickael
  • Kitazawa, Sin-iti
  • Sky, Jack
  • Suárez, Alejandro
  • Udintsev, Victor
  • Utin, Yuri
  • Vacas, Christian
  • Walsh, Michael
  • Zvonkov, Alexander
Tipo de Documento: Artículo
Título de Revista/Publicación: Fusion Engineering and Design
Fecha: Octubre 2015
Volumen: 96-97
Palabras Clave Informales: Diagnostic rack, Lower ports, ITER
Escuela: E.T.S.I. Industriales (UPM)
Departamento: Otro
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All around the ITER vacuum vessel, forty-four ports will provide access to the vacuum vessel for remotehandling operations, diagnostic systems, heating, and vacuum systems: 18 upper ports, 17 equatorialports, and 9 lower ports. Among the lower ports, three of them will be used for the remote handlinginstallation of the ITER divertor. Once the divertor is in place, these ports will host various diagnosticsystems mounted in the so-called diagnostic racks. The diagnostic racks must allow the support andcooling of the diagnostics, extraction of the required diagnostic signals, and providing access and main-tainability while minimizing the leakage of radiation toward the back of the port where the humans areallowed to enter. A fully integrated inner rack, carrying the near plasma diagnostic components, will bean stainless steel structure, 4.2 m long, with a maximum weight of 10 t. This structure brings water forcooling and baking at maximum temperature of 240?C and provides connection with gas, vacuum andelectric services. Additional racks (placed away from plasma and not requiring cooling) may be requiredfor the support of some particular diagnostic components. The diagnostics racks and its associated exvessel structures, which are in its conceptual design phase, are being designed to survive the lifetimeof ITER of 20 years. This paper presents the current state of development including interfaces, diagnos-tic integration, operation and maintenance, shielding requirements, remote handling, loads cases anddiscussion of the main challenges coming from the severe environment and engineering requirements.

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